Rock Rhapsody

4 men with over half a century in professional music come together to create Rock Rhapsody
As the name implies, it is a tribute to the greatest rock acts across many eras.

The idea is simple:
recreate the music as faithfully as possible and have a great time doing it.
From the hard rock hits of the late 70’s, to the biggest rock anthems of the 1980s and the iconic hits
of the early 90s and beyond.
Rock Rhapsody deliver a spectacular sonic and visual stage show experience that is unrivalled and
leave audiences wanting more after each performance.
Rock Rhapsody is huge on sound, big on lights & production and massive in terms of entertainment
value. They have the looks “and” the moves and draw big numbers wherever they play.
They know how to thoroughly entertain any audience and keep them coming back for more.

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