Damnation are a Bon Scott era AC/DC tribute act based in NSW Australia. We are a group of well
experienced and seasoned musicians who are deeply passionate about performing AC/DC's music
from the Bon Scott era, which were not only the defining years for AC/DC, but, especially as time
goes on, just as a fine wine matures with age, or the way a classic muscle car becomes more
appreciated, many fans consider the Bon Scott years to be AC/DC's best years. We specialise in
cranking out all of the AC/DC classics from that great era with a strong emphasis on reproducing
AC/DC's sound as faithfully as possible. Damnation has been at it since 2002 and we're still just as
passionate about paying tribute to the best Rock'n'Roll frontman to ever grace the stage. We don't
just learn the songs, we study the music closely to ensure that we are delivering the best show we
can deliver. There's gonna be some rockin'!

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